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What’s Included in the Cannabis Startup Mini Course

Setting up your cannabis business can be quick, easy and cost- effective. This course will ensure you structure your business the correct way, so that you won't face any future issues with things like banking or credit card processing; so why wait? Take the steps necessary now to avoid setbacks later!

We’ll cover how to build a strong website the first time and guarantee the ability to handle high traffic, process transactions quickly and securely, as well as grow online presence.

Cannabis Banking is complex at the moment, but it is possible. We’ll share tips on how we were able to open a business checking account for our CBD brand.

With a secure and reliable merchant processor, you can take advantage of credit card payments online while also keeping customers satisfied with their experience. We’ll share our recommended merchant processors with you.

Believe it or not, there are funding opportunities for cannabis startups. We will share our list of resources and vendors for obtaining business credit.

Having an email list is the single most thing you can do for your business. We’ll share tips on email marketing campaigns, segmentation, and automation to create a powerful digital sales machine…on auto pilot.

SEO is not hard! We’ll cover all of the factors of Search Engine Optimization you will need to implement in order to rank your Cannabis Startup on Google.

We’ve spent years utilizing A.I. and data to grow our CBD brand. we want to share our tips and techniques with you.

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