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What’s Included in the Email Marketing Masterclass!

Email marketing is an essential tool in any successful cannabis business' arsenal. But with regulations always changing, it's important to know which email companies will let you reach potential customers through cannabis-related marketing campaigns. Discover the top Email Platforms that are ready for your green initiatives!

We’ll show you how to unlock the power of email automation and make your cannabis campaigns stand out from the rest. See how you can quickly build sophisticated workflows like book promos, birthday offers, or link trigger campaigns - all with minimal effort!

Learn how to craft the perfect email campaign! From types of campaigns and creation strategies, unlock insights into growing your cannabis business through effective emails.

We'll show you how to create tailored segments for specific audiences, so that every email campaign reaches its full power and impact!

Harness the power of competitive intelligence and industry insights to create killer cannabis email marketing campaigns that stand out from your competitors. Let us show you how to reverse engineer the success of million dollar Cannabis brands.

Utilize our email scripts to immediately maximize your cannabis marketing efforts! Make sure you get off on the right foot and keep momentum going with this powerful tool.

We’ll show you how to utilize artificial intelligence to speed up the creation of your cannabis email campaigns.

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